Tein coilovers question?

I have a 95 civic hatchback, dx, and i want to lower it, but I dont want to spend alot on coilovers, so I saw basic tein coilovers for about 750, maybe a little more, if I got them would I need to buy anything else to go with it? everything on my car now is stock, i just bought it. i dont want any answers stating i should get a non 4 cylinder, non front wheel drive, im concerned with my car only, thanks.


I have a 94 del sol and am looking at getting the next step up kit. The only thing that I can see that is missing from these kits is a camber kit. You can drive without one, but you will wear out your tires very fast and unevenly. They generally sell for $50-$150 depending if you get just the front (like most people) or front and rear. i think it will be a worth while investment.

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