Swapalease or sites like this?


I have an 2009 Mercedes SLK350. I put down $12,000 and am making payments of $400 p/month.

What do you think the odds are of transferring my lease within a few months considering the really low payments because I put $12,000 down already?



Hi there. I think your odds are very good. After a quick search on Swapalease.com for vehicles like yours, it looks like you have an extremely competitive monthly payment.

Since you put such a large amount of money down, the person taking over your lease will get the benefit of low monthly payments and a shorter term lease. This way, both buyer and seller save money since you don’t have to pay penalties and the buyer gets a new car with no money down. It makes great sense.

Mercedes-Benz is consistently one of the most searched vehicles on Swapalease.com each month and tend to be transferred quickly.

Swapalease.com is the oldest and largest auto lease transfer marketplace and has a customer service staff available by phone as well as a patented process to ensure a smooth lease transfer transaction from start to finish.

To hear what other users have to say about Swapalease.com, visit http://www.swapalease.com/help_files/testimonial.asp?category=1.

Call 866 792 7669 or visit Swapalease.com for more info.

Swapalease.com was recently featured in Oprah’s O Magazine, Car & Driver, and many others as a way to “save a bundle.”

Hope this helps. Good luck swapping out of your Mercedes lease!

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