Sea Foam Motor Treatment Questions?



I put Sea Foam in my 1996 Chevy S10 V6 yesterday. It was my first time using it.
I inserted it into the crankcase (oil) and the gas tank, but I have some questions about the stuff:

  1. How often should I use Sea Foam?
  2. On the Sea Foam website, it says that GM 4.3L, 5.7L, etc. truck engines’ vacumme line doesn’t feed all cylinders, so if I wanted to clean the upper cylinders with Sea Foam where would I insert the stuff to do so?
  3. When should I start to see results? I took it for a drive about 2 hours after I inserted it and it seemed to start up and run better, but when will I start to really see results?

Please answer all questions fully, No crap answers, and No haters. Just please answer my 3 questions. Thanks!



Bottom line is you are wasting your money on those type things. They might mask the symptoms for a short time but the real problem will keep coming back. The best thing you can do for your truck is to take it to a mechanic and let them look over it and fix it. You can keep pouring junk into it but you’re never going to fix anything with that stuff.


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