Power Brakes?



My dad has a 1973 Jeep CJ-5 car for his postal job and its old, so it does not have power brakes. What parts do I need to get power brakes and can you install yourself, or does a auto shop have to do it.?




I will tell you what there dude, if by power brakes you mean disc brakes then you’ve got another thing coming. Chances are very good that he has drum brakes, and no they don’t stop you very well. Converting to disc brakes is very expensive and time consuming. You would be much better off having a shop install them. If your still interested there are huge amount of forums and websites dedicated to jeeps. Try using any search engine and “jeeps parts suspension/disc brakes.”

If his brakes are not working well then they may just need the rotors “turned” (smoothed out in laymens terms), or they may just need new pads. If you can turn a wrench, and have a couple tools, then they are not that difficult to fix/replace. If you plan on going that route then it may be a good idea to take one side apart and leave the other partly disassembled so you can reference that side if you get something turned around. Good Luck

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