Obd1 scanner adapter cord?



If I buy a cheap obd2 scanner on amazon (the $13 one) and also get an adapter cable for obd1, will the scanner work on obd1 model cars?
Update:¬†These are the ones I’m looking at

Donop professional u480
Autel maxiscan ms300
Autel maxiscan 309




All have the same software, same circuit board and only work on 1996 or later vehicle (OBD 2) with the exception of the Oxford: I have no idea what it is..

– Donop professional U480: OBD 2 only.
– Autel Maxiscan MS300: same
– Autel maxiscan 309
– Oxgord ??? (What is this??)

Buy this one and it’ll serve both OBD 1 and 2 for most DIY tasks

Equus 3140 Innova is available at Walmart for about $190

This is the manufacture description:

The Equus 3140 Innova Diagnostic Code Scanner is specially designed to retrieve OEM Enhanced and Transmission test readings in all OBD2 (1996 and newer) and some of the most popular OBD1 (1981 to 1995) vehicles. To ensure quick state emissions readiness check and drive cycle verification, it features a unique all-in-one backlit screen and LED display. You can flash update this Equus scanner using a standard Windows PC and included software. Equus 3140 Innova Diagnostic Code Scanner offers SAE enhanced Live Data to view, record and playback live PCM data streams.

If you’re in the repair industry to make a living: Let me know, it’s a different ball game: You’ll need one the scanner (s) for the professional.

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