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5.0 out of 5 stars Sexiest Wipers Ever! Passenger’s Side, December 24, 2007
By Stephen Davis “Monsignor” (Texas) – See all my reviews
Yes I said SEXIEST ever….

It was time again to put new wipers on my 2002 Ford F-250. IN my relentless search for all things cool I happened upon these Bosch wiper blades here on Amazon.com. After reading some of the reviews I decided to take the plunge and order up a set (after all you need a matched set – right?). Again these wipers were listed on Amazon PRIME so after a dash of technical wizardry the wipers appeared at my office from the friendly UPS man.

I eagerly tore into the box to discover the wipers there, nicely packaged and looking pretty and just yearning to be mounted on my truck.

When I got home that evening I opened-up my garage and hauled out my ladder to make the wiper swap (seeing as how my truck is VERY lifted I have to use a ladder for ‘ordinary’ maintenance items such as wipers, oil changes, etc.). The instructions on changing out the wipers are easy to follow and straight forward. Actually the most difficult part of this whole operation was getting the OLD wipers off of my truck.

Once the old wipers were off the new ones mount up with ease. All you need to do is to squeeze the Bosch wipers at the hatch markings on the side. This opens up the catch allowing your wiper arms to thread through the opening and mate up with the catch on the blade. If seated properly (there is only one way to put them on) the top piece will easily close over the arm locking the arm and wipers into place. In a stiff cross-breeze with gloves on the mounting of the new blades took all of 45 seconds at the most.

Once mounted I decided to “test drive” the wipers. I drove up and down a road close to our house checking for uplift or to see if they chattered or moved around while they were in operation and while they were in motion. The Bosch wipers made fast work cleaning my windshield (water) and did not streak or lose contact with the glass surface.

Another note that is pretty cool – the wipers, when stationary proudly display the BOSCH ‘logo’ on the wipers – kind of black on black. Very cool and classy looking.

A final note – the wipers are very clean looking. Gone is the exoskeletal suspension system we are all used to seeing on those ‘other’ wipers out there. These are VERY unusual yet elegant looking.

I give these blades a very enthusiastic THUMBS UP. Give them a try – buck traditional blades!

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5.0 out of 5 stars Best blades I’ve ever bought, February 13, 2008
By K. J. Ackermann (Tulsa) – See all my reviews

The stock blades on my Infiniti FX 35 squeaked and shuddered back and forth on the windshield literally from the day I drove the car off the showroom floor. While on line reading an Infiniti forum other FXers wrote about the same problem. They recommended these blades. I got on Amazon.com and read the customer reviews. All raved about these blades. I bought a pair, installed easily in less than 5 minutes. Work great. Glad I bought’em and recommend you do the same. I’ll be buying another pair for my wife’s car.

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