Infiniti G35 or Audi a4?



Ok I’m 16, and I found to really like both of these cars. My dad is just planning on paying cash so he doesn’t want to spend more than like $12,000. I found the Infiniti G35, which I like the best, for right under $10,000 but it has 150k miles. (It is my first car, so it’s not that big of a deal to me, and I might go out of state for college). The Audi a4 is $11,000 and has 120k miles.

I obviously like the Infiniti better, but which do you guys think is the better choice? I know I know, that is a lot of milage but two of my friends have Infiniti’s and one is over 200k and she said it runs fine, and the other is around 140k and is also fine.

I also heard that the Audi’s (at least the older ones) are unreliable.
Update: Sorry, they are both 2005. and yes I have done my research and around my area those are the cheapest ones I could find that both still LOOKED in perfect condition.




The Infiniti is a lot nicer then the older Audi’s plus the G35 out performs the Audi A4 in every conceivable way. No one acknowledged Audi before until they became the successful brand they are today due to their newly redesigned models. The 2003-2006 Infiniti G35 has a standard 3.5 liter V6 producing a potent 280 HP which I might add not even a 2012 Audi A4 has. The Audi A4 composes a fairly anemic 2.0 turbo 4-cylinder engine emitting a yawning 200 HP. The Infiniti has the driving dynamics more on par with the BMW 3 series. The Audi A4 is simply a Luxury Sport “Appearance” vehicle while the Infiniti G35 is a Luxury Sport “Performance” vehicle.

Both are great cars but over all the most sensible option of the two is the Infiniti not to mention it is less demanding to maintain then all its German competitors however it is on par with the maintenance cost of a Lexus. Its certainly not cheap to upkeep but its definitely less costly then its more demanding rivals like BMW, Audi & Mercedes Benz. The G35 is also very reliable unlike the Audi A4 where both reliability and residual value tends not be its strong suit. The Audi A4 is a nice car but its doesn’t compose the over all driving dynamics, performance, aesthetic appeal, standards let alone the charisma that the G35 attains in this segment. Among the entry class segment the BMW 3 series and Infiniti G have always dominated the luxury market for being the best performing sedans in their class going against the Lexus IS, Audi A4 and Mercedes C-class.

One IMPORTANT side note: I do however think you are not searching very smart. Audi’s for the most part are very cheap to buy when used due to their poor resale value. You are not looking in the right places, you can easily find a 2006 Audi A4 with a clean title for under or around $12,000 with less then 100K miles.

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