How to do a burnout in a automatic?


What would be the best way to to a burnout in a 2003 auto rx8, with triptronic?



Even a manual RX8 is lucky to pull the skin off a rice custard, so an automatic would be worse.

If you really want to do a burnout the safe(ER) way try this.

Get a big bucket of soapy water. Dishwashing liquid is best, but make it really slippery. Oil is ok, but it is too messy.

Tip the soapy water on the ground and park the rear wheels over it. Probably a good idea to squirt some liquid onto the tyres as well.

Get some mates to lift the rear of the car up to take weight off the rear wheels.

Put the car into 1st gear, and put your foot on the brake, Not too hard, just enough to hold the car on the spot when you bring your revs up.

Start to put your foot down on the gas and the back wheels should start to break away. Once it starts spinning, just feed it more gas and your mates can let go of the car.

Regulate your revs and brake pressure but do everyting smoothly. If you are too rough you will redline and run out of revs, or you will brake too hard and stop the wheels spinning.

BTW, to the moron below me, RX8’s are REAR wheel drive, and doing what he suggests will explode your gearbox.

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