Bmw e46 raceland coilovers?


Hey! I just installed the coilovers and I kind of just adjusted them in a hurry, so the front is lower than the rear. Very noticeable I think. The ride feels slightly bouncy when driving, even at higher speed. It’s bouncing a bit if I drive too fast on speed bumper and feels very stiff. But the front is so low it almost touch the wheels lol. And I got original 15″ wheels. Is this normal? I will adjust it over time of course.

But it felt very stable and smoother when I drove the highway and cornering. I think it looks decent but I will raise the front a little and lower the rear so its balanced.


Have them properly adjusted at a mechanic. the front should probably be a bit lower then the rear.

the coilovers will break in, give it a 1000 miles or so.

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