Belt tensioner on a fiero?



2.8 v6
where is the surpentine belt tensioner?




It’s almost impossible to tell you in words where to look, but if you look at the various things the belt goes around, the tensioner should be obvious to you.

Really, if you plan to keep the car and work on it yourself, I’d highly recommend getting the motor manual for it which will give step by step instructions and pictures.

About Your PONTIAC Fiero:
Make sure to regularly check your PONTIAC Fiero Belt Tensioner for wear and for tension. If your Belt Tensioner is getting worn or week then now is the time to order a new Belt Tensioner from us. PONTIAC Belt Tensioner are usually fairly easy to replace and very important. If a Belt Tensioner fails your belt(s) will not be able to stay on the engine pulleys. This can cause engine damage and your will not function. Make sure to check the Belt Tensioner when you start to notice loose belts or belt squeal.

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