Auto to manual on s14 240sx?



I’m going for the rb25det swap into an s14 chassis but the only donor I can get my hands on fairly cheap (1000bucks for a 96 with a blown up ka) but the damn thing’s an automatic. I’ve swapped over auto to manuals in older chevy pickups but i’m sure there’s alittle more too it. Is it a easy/moderate job, what parts are needed and/or should I just look for a different 240? Thanks in advance




You have to cut a hole in the firewall for the slave cylinder to hook to the clutch pedal, luckily the mounting holes are already there fo rthe pedal itself. You have to get a new brake pedal along with the clutch pedal, you need the slave cylinder with lines to the transmission, you need, of course, the manual trans, a manual drive shaft, clutch and all components, different crossmember and tranny mount. And if you want it to look pretty, the trim peice for the center console. I think thats everything. Most of that stuff probably won’t matter if your doing a swap because you would of had to get it anyway, including a manual ecu, oh and the manaul tranny harness bu tthat should come with the new motor and trans your getting.

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